Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i was radioactive!

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i want thunder storms! i am often too sickly feeling to go outside lately, but the other day i had a real good stretch of feeling awesome and went for a walk. the leaves are barely starting to change. i LOVE portland in fall. it is one of the best things i can think of.
i bought this pretty chocolate bar the other day and it tastes as delicious as i could have hoped. i am a sucker for good dark chocolate and almonds.
among other treats i got a ceramic "not a paper cup" coffee cup. i use it for my tea and soon for travel. i also got a composition notebook. story writing time has officially come. i hope i can finish my comic before christmas. i hope it's good and honest.
last week i had more tests done and y'all, i was actually radioactive for about half a week after aka until today. i kid you not. squeamish people don't read further, they injected radioactive liquid into my veins! and then more weird chemicals! then i lay on a table in what looked like a waffle iron for humans while impressing the nurses with my strength of holding up and reading a 4 pound book at a 90 degree angle from my body while remaining perfectly still (except for the page turning).
it was not a pleasant experience before, during or after, but not as terrible as i imagined.

we built a fort in the room to break up the day to day. there are twinkle lights inside and the room smells like lemongrass. i'm writing more and more everyday thinking about how to go about making an oak wood chair, carrot ginger soup from scratch, knitting mittens while watching twin peaks.
love, rebecca


k r y s t a l l e e said...

hey there :)

i am a fair bit in love with your blog!


katrina said...

oh dear i hope you are al right!
i can't wait to see your comic!

StickyKitten said...

I love thunderstorms! we didn't get hardly any rain here this summer!! :(

PuppyLovePrincess said...

holy canoe. i want that chocolate bar.

Sarah said...

Glad you felt better at least one day! I'm sorry to hear about all the tests! Being poked at and examined gets really tiresome. Your soup sounds lovely. <3

lady lyles said...

This thunderstorm photo made my night!

Paper Heart Girl said...

I love your blog, it's so cool.!!! It's a bit like how i want my blog to be...