Monday, September 20, 2010

pa pa power

i have been making tiny blackberry pies and eating them for breakfast, sticky fingers all the time.
so it turns out i'm getting an operation in the near future! it will hopefully fix me for awhile and make me feel a bit better. it's a step in the right direction to making me better, more like my old strong billy goat self, and i am breathing sighs of relief. this has been a very busy and tiring week. i promise i will truly finish all my emails/chores by midweek! you may hold me to that.

this video is beautiful and made me tear up and want to try and do nice things for people everyday.

then after tearing up and being glad, i found the perfect house. yessiree! i would grow all my winter quash and peppermint by the back door.
also my mom and dad read my blog now! hi mom and dad! hallo!
love, rebecca
oh and P.S.

by the by i am in this show soon and i am excited about it! i don't know if i'll be well enough to go, but i am gonna try.


thesimplicity said...

Please don't get sick and die, you are our friend.

Annah said...

Those pies look delicious and that guy from the movie is YUM YUM YUM! Just like the pies.

Miriam said...

oh blackberry pies! yumyum<3

andrea littlebighead said...

you had me at 'tiny blackberry pies'...

shoulderache said...

Cutest pies ever!

Hope you feel better :-)

lew said...

Dear Septembear - hope you are feeling better. will you be writing in this space again? i miss your musings
a fan